EXO™ Building System Unveils First Canadian Build

Holy Cross Regional Secondary School in Surrey is the location of EXO™ Building Systems first Canadian build. The company has been building semi permanent structures in South America and was chosen by the Holy Cross Regional Education Committee to replace two aging portables with new state of the art three classroom build.

Overseen by Method Innovative Partners Inc. , the structures were built and placed on foundations making them far more permanent than current portable classrooms. They are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The REC Committee are happy with the new buildings and are very pleased to be the first Canadian build for the company. "Holy Cross is proud to be the first in Canada to utilize EXO’s modular system solution. They offer a bright, healthy, environmentally friendly atmosphere for our students to learn in and that is extremely important to us," said Nannette Guze, Chair of the Holy Cross Regional Secondary Education Committee.

The EXO™ Building System is a network of structural panels which produce energy efficient and environmentally friendly modular structures that can be used as industrial workspaces, comfortable home environments or portable classrooms. Developed in Canada and designed to meet rigid Canadian standards, the Exo Building System™ assembles quickly without compromising energy efficiency or overall quality.

The cornerstone of this ground breaking design is the Exo Panel™. The panel has four layers. They include a steel tube frame, rigid closed cell insulation, coated steel cladding and a vapor barrier. Using the top architectural materials on the market makes this panel the most durable and energy efficient of its kind.

Within the EXO™ Building System there is a wide range of standard panels each designed to perform a unique function, whether as a gable, a window or a door. The buildings can be customized and the EXO™ Building System offers a choice of model sizes, roof designs (clerestory, gable or flat), flooring options and more. Because of the unique interlocking assembly system, the panels can be fastened together quickly and a small crew of trained professionals can construct a sealed building envelope in less than a week, and this includes the windows and doors.

"The design of the building produces a modern, healthy and energy efficient structures that everyone can be proud of", said Carl Philibert, Vice President of EXO™. “The structure at Holy Cross Regional Secondary School features a vaulted ceiling and a row of double glazed clerestory windows running the length of the building, enhancing the amount of natural light that enters the building”, he added.

November 4, 2013