EXO™ Breaks Ground at Holy Cross High School in Surrey, BC

Holy Cross Regional Secondary School was built in 1982 and was designed to house 600 students. By the mid to late 1990's nearly 800 students were attending this Surrey Catholic School. In fact, Holy Cross has the largest Catholic senior secondary population in British Columbia and it is home to students from eight parishes south of the Fraser.

In the mid 1990's the growth in the number of students necessitated the implementation of portable classrooms. In total four portables and one quad unit were built to handle the overflow.

In September 2012, it became clear to their Regional Education Committee that the portables, some of which were purchased second hand, needed to be replaced as soon as possible. The committee met to decide what could be done to replace three of the current structures and began sourcing viable solutions. A member of the REC committee recommended EXO™ Building System, a Langley based company. He introduced the company to the board and the highly credible team of professionals at EXO™ Building System and the cutting edge technology used to produce the ultra modern structures impressed them.

EXO™ Building System has undertaken the project and three of the portables are being replaced. The cost was higher than traditional portables, yet far less than conventional construction and the HC Board wanted buildings that would be far more permanent than portables. One feature that greatly impressed the committee was that each structure sits on a foundation.

EXO™ Building System has been building semi permanent structures in South America and this is their first Canadian build. "Holy Cross is proud to be the first in Canada to utilize EXO’s modular system solution. They offer a bright, healthy, environmentally friendly atmosphere for our students to learn in and that is extremely important to us," said Nannette Guze, Chair of the Holy Cross Regional Secondary Education Committee.

Father Patrick Tepoorten, Pastor of Immaculate Conception, Delta and the Archbishop's Representative to Holy Cross is excited that the initial EXO™ Buildings will be completed very soon. "Phase I of our building initiative is well underway. Yes – our much anticipated modular complex will soon boast three new, state of the art, environmentally sound classrooms. Congratulations on a great start” he said.

The classrooms will be completed by the end of the year and early in 2014 the units will be ready to welcome students to one of the most state of the art modular structures in Canada.

 August 30, 2013